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WWG CASE STUDY: whether Dr. H can cure the illnesses?

Question: P asks whether Dr. H can cure the illnesses? Setting: Self asker, Obj Doctor, Officer-illnesses

  1. Dr. H can partially treat the illnesses but cannot cure them completely. (Line One)

  2. Currently, you may feel that the effectiveness of the treatment has already diminished. In fact, it is not. (Moving Lines)

  3. Additionally, it's important to be aware that there might be some undesirable side effects during the treatment. (Line One)

  4. Presently, the condition involves adenomyosis, and HPV (Line Two)

  5. but there are other contributing factors (details omitted here), so it's necessary to examine other parts of the body as well. (Line One, Line Two, Line Five, Line Six)

  6. Adjusting your lifestyle habits is also essential, as some of these habits have hindered the effectiveness of the treatment. (Line Five)

  7. It's recommended to seek another doctor's opinion. For the time being, can go ahead with Dr. H's treatment, but should consider changing doctors in the future. (Line One, Line Two, Line Five)

  8. The divination suggests that finding a good doctor might not be easy in typical circumstances. Therefore, when looking for the next doctor, you should be especially selective (this can done on the next casting). (Line Five)

  9. Work and living environments are also among the reasons contributing to your condition, so finding a way to address these issues is necessary (Next casting tells you what are those). (Line Two, Day Branch)

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