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I Ching on Real Estate with King Wen Oracle #002

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 002: Real Estate Investment

Mr A plans to cash out with his house as to make his business turn better.

Question: Am I able to sell my house located at XXX with a price of $1.3mil?

Setting: Self-self; Object-house; Matter-element-Wealth and Offspring


1. Object holding dreadful-element and restricted to self-line

➡️ Unable to sell with this price

2. Self is empty

➡️ Mr. A is struggling to make a decision on this. Not really aggressive on this deal.

Unable to sell with this price

3. Fifth-line Offspring is empty and transform into returning restriction.

➡️ No buyer is available in the market (buyer that suits for his deal)

4. Second-line of the sibling is transforming into forward-spirit.

➡️ Family expense is getting higher; the burden getting much obvious and higher.

5. Hidden-hexagram is clashing with origin hexagram.

➡️ His partner/spouse wouldn't agree with this.

Mr A providing feedback that no buyer willing to buy with that price. Since the price offered is already lower than the market. He will not compromise anymore. And as expected from the hexagram, his wife doesn't agree with this.

A solution to this:

Don't waste too much on this as you may see from the hexagram. I ask Mr A intention to see how likely he wants to reduce the price so that I could make another cast to give him an idea of how much needed to reduce. But as explained above, price-reducing is not the solution. Find another way to solve his financial problem and sell-off other property.

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2 commenti

A.K Guru
A.K Guru
17 apr 2020

Dear Jose, You have good sense of deciphering. But the hidden-spirit here doesn’t necessarily to be indicates a “man”.

Mi piace

Jose C.
Jose C.
16 apr 2020

Dear Alfred, interesting cases. Thank you for sharing.

I don't understand what you mean by that statement:

" 5. Hidden-hexagram is clashing with origin hexagram. ➡️ His partner/spouse wouldn't agree with this."

If you mean that You metal Officer who clashes with Mao wood Sibling (Others), then it would be the husband (Officer) and not the wife who disagrees. Is it woman or man who asks the question? You say it's Mr A, and not Mrs A, then it looks like who ask is a man, then You metal Officer can't be the husband/partner, unless it's a homosexual couple...

What I see is that Wei earth Wealth/wife in the fourth line is being clashed by Chou Day, and come with…

Mi piace
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