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I Ching WWG - Pets in illness (WWG #053)


Case Study 053: Would my horse be able to get healed?

Question: Would my horse able to get healed?

Setting: self-horse, officer-sickness, offspring-medicine, moving and transformed as an impact of the changed


1. Self-holding offspring, transformed-line turns offspring

➡️ The horse can be healed from this treatment and its immunity can still withstand to this illness.

2. Officer-line is hiding under asset-line. Offspring not able to interact with the officer-line

➡️ Not fully healed, will relapse in the future.

3. A clash hidden hexagram, officer-line is prosperous and protected by asset-flying-spirit

➡️ An internal disease. If the sickness is getting under control. It won't affect its daily life. But, once the condition gets seizures, it will become life-threatening.

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