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Q: Should we use intuition or theories in I Ching WWG divination?

Many people always thought that to become a good reader, one needs to be born with good intuition. Because without a good intuition, the reading will become inaccurate, or it may be something entirely different from the outcome. Therefore, I often see people looking for teachers that able to help students in developing their intuition mind. First of all, I am not sure about the authenticity of open up one intuition mind. Therefore, I am not going to discuss this over here. But there is one thing for sure, reading with intuition must come along with inconsistent results. When the results are inconsistent, it simply means that we cannot use it for decision making. Because it may kill your last resort if you are not getting the right reading. In short, no person is going to believe anything that is guessing, unless they are already in hopeless. Would you trust on gambling? If yes, then why you are still sitting here? That is why the diviners in this industry are indirectly contributing to the negative impression on society, the diviners are killing ownself! That is why divination is classified into the entertainment industry. Come on, we learn divination is definitely not to be a clown.

WWG divination has absolutely nothing to do with intuition. It is a prophecy system built with sets of rigorous principles, especially at the beginner stage. In the beginner stage, it is zero toleration to read a hexagram with intuition. The principles are there and it meant to follow, just like you can't say 1+1=3. However, 1+1=3 is allowed when we use intuition; because intuition speaks no rules. WWG is an analytical prophecy system to read for any kind of predictions. In other words, any person can learn this. Even a 7 years old child can also read a hexagram accurately as long as they understand the theory.

Reading a hexagram with intuition is something very irresponsible, especially when we read for others. I'll probably explain the reasons in the future.

So, what are the rules to follow in order to read a hexagram with logical sense? If you want to learn more, I have the best course available for you that will answer all your questions and teach you how to use WWG with confidence.

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