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When divination performs something where science can't

Today, I am not going to share about WWG technique in this article. The reason I am writing this article is again to let people understand why our life needs WWG divination. Especially dealing with something beyond "science" testing. In short, we need science, but that doesn't mean science is everything. Before you proceed with this reading, I want to let you understand that this is my very own experience and also some observations from my students' circle. From the observations, we conclude that this is something true and therefore, I am just making a sharing. So, In case you do not believe the content of this article, you are welcome to walk away from here. I am not here to convince any person here. I don't take any responsibility for your life. So, feel free to read them all or leave anywhere when you feel it is non-sense.

Just not long ago, my son's teacher tested positive for the covid-19. and they were close contact every day. So, as a father. It is of course worry me. I bring him to make a swab test and the report says no detected. Now, what does it means no detected? You have to understand that being detected and being infected are very different. Just like a thief that is already in your house and you didn't really realise about it. A thief that is already in your house, this is a fact, and it is "infected". But if the thief never acts aggressive, he won't trigger the alarm and therefore it is "not detected". This is how the swab test results going to be. Covid test is not only having positive and negative. It still has a grey area. If you have any friends who are a doctor, I think he could explain better than me about this. So, I'll leave this part as it is already out of my profession.

Now, let me show you what we can do with WWG in this kind of situation. Before my son's report is released. As a diviner, I am of course will do the casting for this. I ask, is my son infected with Covid-19. Pay attention to how I ask the question, I asked getting "infected", not getting "detected". The hexagram shows yes, he does get infected. Hexagram I got as below. (setting: officer-line as Covid). In this hexagram, I did include a secondary layer of question. which is if he gets infected, can he be healed? This hexagram does not tell whether he can be healed from Covid. So, why gua shen is telling my son getting infected but not telling about healing information? Let's not worry about it first. It must be a reason why it never shows how to get healed.

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Then I make another confirmation casting. Exactly the same question and the same setting. Nothing gets change. I just tell gua shen that I need a confirmation for this.

And again, I got the exact same hexagram. But this time, it has moving-line at line 1 and line 2. A continuous transformation hexagram. Line 1 and line 2 is telling the reasons for this event. (I'm not going to explain how to read this hexagram as this is not the intention for this article, if you are interested to learn the reading, comment down below)

It is terrible news to get infected especially the vaccine is not yet common at this moment. But the lucky thing is, the virus in it is very mild. It is not an active virus yet. So, I'm not sure could this virus able to get detected through the swab test.

After a few days waiting, the result finally arrived and it shows negative. As expected, because it is still in the very initial stage. So, this started to get me more worry. Because if not detected. It means you won't be recorded with the health department. In case the vaccine is made out to the public, my son will not be getting it. This means that the covid virus stays inside his body and waiting for the right timing to attack his immunity system. Right after getting the result, I make another cast to make sure I did not get the previous reading wrong.

This 3rd confirmation which after the results is still getting the same hexagram type. It shows the virus is inside his body and it is very mild.

With 3 times of casting and I get a consistent answer. I know my son has definitely got infected. Then I started to ask my students to see did they get any similar cases. 3 of my students told me that they have their clients also in a similar situation. One of them is a doctor and he told me that this happens in the very initial stage or either the very end-stage (the virus is inside the body without getting detected). This doctor told me that one of his clients ends up being detected in about 4-5 weeks time. Meaning to say, 4-5 weeks before the "detected", his client's test result shows "not detected". And even it is detected, his client still has no symptoms of covid.

Now I understand why Covid-19 could spread out so easily. I think many people should have already infected. Just that during the current moment, when one's immunisation is strong enough, the virus can only be sitting inside a body and doing nothing.

Is science everything? I personally don't think so. With heaps of my past experiences, it always shows me science still has a big gap to be able to do something that divination would do. Anyway, at least with this WWG. I can prepare for the worst. Keep boosting my son immunisation system, make sure the virus stays inactive. That's what I always say. If you plan to learn any kinds of divination subjects, make sure the divination tool you has on hand can help you to kill your enemy before everything is too late. If your tool or your learning system can't help in this. You better reconsider should you keep learning with that method.

In WWG, you don't need to have an advance level to decipher this. You can learn this skill in less than 50hours of classes. WWG is not that difficult as you thought. I have written some related articles with the topic of covid and WWG before. Maybe you can check it out.

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