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I Ching on Opportunity (KW Oracle #004)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 004: Choose for ONE

Ms A just back from a short-term study tour in country X. As soon as she arrives there, she loves it and would like to go for a permanent residency application. However, there are things that she can't let go in her home country. This made her unable to make a decision. So she wanted to understand is going oversea a good opportunity?

Question: Am I suitable to live in country X as a permanent residence?

Setting: Self-Ms A; Object-Country X; Moving as the situation once arrival


1. Statix hexagram, object-line very weak and entering into day grave, clashing of hidden-hexagram

➡️ Not suitable and this condition will not be changed. The inside of Country X is not what you may be looking for.

2. Self is empty

➡️ Not sure what she really needs for her own. Blindly following with her own instinct for this moment.

3. Hidden-spirit of Shen-metal flies out to hurt on self-line.

➡️ Thinking is too simple. When she finally settles down in country X. She will then realise many things are not as good as she was thinking.

4. Line four of sibling is moving hiddenly. This hidden moved will be restricted to object-wealth. And object-wealth is very weak.

➡️ Country X looks likeable to let you make good money. But in fact, the real opportunity is not that much. What you see is only the appearance.

5. Sibling appear to be very strong in this hexagram (0° + 8°), wealth is very weak (2x -8°).

➡️ Country X looks really attractive with plenty of opportunities. But your expenses will be a lot higher than the opportunity.


Most of the time, when we are in somewhere for short. It always looking good. For real, some migrants seem able to get a beautiful life. But you have to understand not everyone is suitable to live oversea. The sickness in this hexagram is need planning. Will need to seek consultation from other tools now (such as BaZi or Purple Star) to help for direction. Then will cast again for the best option. Creating a better and accurate life needs tool. Using the correct tool will help in creating a better life. That is your unique unfair advantage that other's doesn't have it.

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A.K Guru
A.K Guru

Answering to Jose. Month and day is only one of the consideration. Twelve growth phase is also another consideration. Besides this it also have others. Qi in and Qi out have many techniques.


A.K Guru
A.K Guru

Good idea with Ognyan 👍.


Jose C.
Jose C.

Dear Alfred,

Yin Officer sitting in Self line and at Kong Wang, can be seen as lack of job opportunities in the Country; or also problems. Red Phoenix / Vermilon bird with Officer can be seen as calamity. Another thing, why do you graduate in strength of Qi Xu earth as "0"? Following five element theory is strong by Month and Day. The Chen Day clash leads its movement in secret but would not reduce its Qi so much as to count it as "0". Greetings.

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