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I Ching on Real Estate (K.W. Oracle #003)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 003: Real Estate - Buy-in

Mr A and Mrs A is planning to buy a block of land to build their dream house. One day, they managed to find a land that fits their criteria. However, the negotiation doesn't seem ok. Both ask are they able to get the land with the price of $1.2 mil.

Question: Am I able to deal for the land at XXX for the price of $1.2mil?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object-Land at XXX.


1. Self-line is in an accurate position and it is very strong

➡️ Will get the deal eventually

2. Clash-hexagram transform into Combo-hexagram

➡️ The deal will be closed after a couple of negotiation. (Seller still not satisfied)

3. Object-line is empty (Attribution)

➡️ One of the reasons not being able to deal at this moment is because the owner is still hesitating about this deal, the intention of selling this land is not strong.

4. Self-wealth clash out the object-empty-wealth

➡️ As soon after making the earnest payment to the estate broker. You will be getting the offer papers from the seller side.

5. Both self and object wealth are clashing with each other, betwixt-line of offspring is in hidden moving. (Solution provider)

➡️ Suggest when making the earnest payment, add another $50,000 (not from experience, but see from hexagram). Then make a few more rounds of negotiation to slowly reducing the $50,000. When the deal came to the last minutes and if you still can't take back the $50,000. You may discuss with your broker to reduce his commission. Your broker is very likely to reduce his own commission to make up this deal.


After the earnest payment being made. The deal is done within a month of negotiation and closed with $1.2 mil.

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