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I Ching for Pregnancy (KW Oracle #027)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 027: Using I Ching to see how to pregnant

Ms Z has been trying to get pregnant for many times, this time she has done all the treatment and get prepared to pregnant, she wants to know is she able to get pregnant from this IVF.

Question: Would I able to pregnant successfully?

Setting: Self-Ms Z; Object-Hubby; M.E-Offspring


1. Self-line holding empty-officer, Object-sibling

➡️ The body of Ms Z is weak, very difficult to get pregnant. Husband has no problem with the pregnancy.

2. Line one wealth-line transformed into Parent-Zi, continuous to line five and restricted to the hidden-offspring. Line five holding tiger and static.

➡️ Actually the previous IVF and/or others' method has been successfully forming the embryo. But it just miscarriage without Ms Z awareness. Ms Z can't even think that she has actually carried a baby before.

Feedback and suggestion:

There will be no sign of successful pregnancy within a year of time if keep going with this treatment. (remain unchanged of method) Need to find out the root problem. (Self-line and second-line)

In the end, Ms Z doesn't still unable to have a successful IVF. She doesn't return to me for follow-up on the root problem.

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