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I Ching for Year End Bonus (KW Oracle #028)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 028: Using I Ching to see a year-end bonus

Mr D heard that his investing company is doing quite well this year. He wants to know would he be getting any bonus from this company. If there is no hope, he is going to withdraw his investment and put it in another place.

Question: Would I get a good bonus from the company XX?

Setting: Self- Mr D; Object-company XX; M.E-Asset


1. Object-line generates Self-line, Self-holding Asset-line.

➡️ Mr D will be getting the bonus.

2. Sibling-Mao hidden moving as coexistence.

➡️ Profit is affected by uncertainty reason.

3. Object holding offspring, self-holding Asset-Chou +8°

➡️ Bonus receivable estimated about 12.5% (error rate 1.25%±). If the sibling-Mao is not moving, Mr D would be able to receive 25% from his investment.


Mr D get a bonus at 12.3% 3 months later. More than he expected before he cast. That is why you need to cast before you take any action. If Mr D withdraw and put it at others, he might not be getting this amount.

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