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I Ching - Career Development (KW Oracle #030)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 030: Using I Ching for working oversea

Ms H is going to China with Ms R for project sales. She wants to know is that worth to go.

Question: Would I be making profit with this trip?

Setting: Self- Ms H; Object-China; Betwixt- Ms R; M.E- Wealth


1. Object-line restricted to self-line

➡️ China is not a place to make money for Ms H.

2. Line sixth Parent-Yin restricted to self-line, transformed into returning-restriction, but it is void condition.

➡️ Ms H will be getting pressure on this trip.

3. Self-line holding offspring clash with hidden moving--offspring-line. Self-line holding hidden-spirit of asset-metal (void)

➡️ Ms H able to get the customers base in China, but it won't be deal at the end. The reason is no enough fund to turns these customers into sales. At the same time, Ms R is also competing and offering a better deal with the customers build form Ms H hiddenly. (without informing Ms H, using dirty trick on Ms H.)

Feedback and suggestion:

Overall, China is not a good place for this project to both Ms H and Ms R. Ms R will try her best to get her own commission from Ms H.

Ms H drops this opportunity eventually.

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