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I Ching - Relationship Development (KW Oracle #031)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 031: Using I Ching for searching a romantic relationship

Ms Z works as an accounting job, very heavy and no time to make friends. She lives in a country and never had a boyfriend before. Her family wants to know is there any possible man with her domain. (This is typical Asian family, parents always worried about their daughter marriage)

Question: Is there any possible man for my daughter?

Setting: Self- Ms Z; Object- Social Circle; ME-Officer


1. Self-holding sibling transformed Asset-You-Metal, Asset-You is void-moving and unable to generates to Hidden-spirit (Officer-Hai), Officer-Hai hides under self-line unable to fly out

➡️ There is one man that is suitable for Ms Z, this man has known for a long time. (not someone that is to be recognised in the future). But there is no spark between them (Officer-Hai hidden-spirit unable to fly out). Ms Z is now currently thinking without taking any action (self-void). Action will only be taken once is You-metal is void-filled.

2. Object-line moving and transformed into offspring-Xu (hurting to the officer-line).

➡️ The current social circle is not favourable to getting a boyfriend. Ms Z needs this circle to get a boyfriend (self entering offspring-Xu-grave and hidden-spirit Officer-Hai would be fly out). But this circle will be also rejecting this boyfriend (Once officer-line is fly out, it get restricted from offspring-line). Conclude, this social circle is not good in term of getting a boyfriend.

3. Asset-You is pulling-up conjunction with month branch (hidden moving-line), and offspring-line is hidden moving-line.

➡️ Those men that trying to date with Ms Z are all already married or already have a partner. Have to take extra precaution when any man trying to date you.

Feedback and suggestion:

1. Need to expand own social circle. If needed, might need to leave the current country and go to work in a city. Before taking any action further, cast again to confirm.

2. Don't fall in love to quick as suggest to cast again to check if the man going to date is having a clean background.

(Ms Z still fails to get any boyfriend as she does not intend to expand her social circle.)

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