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I Ching - House Feng Shui (KW Oracle #032)

Case Study 032: I Ching to inspect house for career

Mr A is looking to move to his new house. Before he decided to move, he wants to know how generally the new house could be affecting his career and income.

Question: How is this house affecting my wealth and career?

Setting: Self- Mr A; Object-House; M.E-Wealth, Health


1. Self-line holding officer-You (FanYin)

➡️ It does affect the career development.

2. Lower-trigram FanYin, line two holding tiger restricted to self-line (transformed)

➡️ It would affect to unstable of income, it could be loss of income (parent moving) and health (tiger restricted to self)

3. Lower-trigram parent-line too weak (-8°), self-line (officer-metal) is the source-element to parent-line. Parent-line is water-element. Both officer and parent are weak (-2° and -8°)

➡️ It will affect the kidney system, urinary system, or prostate problem.

Feedback and suggestion:

Mr A told that he is currently having a slight problem with this urinary system. We believe this is the hexagram that telling is going to worsen his health problem. He ends up not moving to the new house.

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