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I Ching - Entrance Examination (KW Oracle #035)

Case Study 035: I Ching to evaluate examination qualification.

Student A planning to study on faculty of nursing. Examination categorises from written test and interview. It also has a primary place and reserve place qualification. As there are many candidates in this year, this student A wants to know would she qualified in a primary place.

Question: Would I qualify for the faculty of nursing with my result?

Setting: self-Student A; Object- University X; ME-Parent-line +0°


1. Parent-line +6° hides under object-line. Object-holding officer "cage" from self-line.

➡️ The written test will get a high score, but not ideal during the interview test.

2. Self-line holding offspring in hidden moving-line. A negative place to both parent-line and object-line. Sibling in hidden moving and on line sixth, generate to self-line.

➡️ Having too much pressure that feels like to escape from this test. And this pressure turning much heavier day after day.

3. Self-holding nobleman

➡️ No one can help you now, only you yourself can help you up.

Feedback and suggestion:

Since the written test is having a very good score, even though not having good performance during the interview section. Overall should be able to qualify for the entrance criteria. Suggest spending more time from now onwards on preparing the interview section.

In the end. The interview section still not that ideal and student A get a reserve place for entering this faculty.







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