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I Ching - Real Estate (Wen Wang Gua #036)

Case Study 036: I Ching for real estate pricing.

Question: When will my house price come to the peak?

Setting: self-self; Object-House; Asset-Pricing


1. Object-holding Wu-fire, peer to month, clash with day and hidden-move

➡️ The price is now currently the peak point.

2. Clash-hexagram on original hexagram, Parent-Shen transformed into Sibling-Hai

➡️ The pricing is now at fluctuating, with a declining tendency. It can be said that now is about the time to initiate the declining.

3. Parent-Shen transformed into sibling-Hai.

➡️ The declining stage will be noticed this year Autumn, about 3 more months from now. And then it will keep decline until 2019. Which means the year 2019 will come to the bottom price.

4. Line two officer-chen transformed into Asset-Si. Empty divert empty

➡️ Once the price reaches the lowest point in the year 2019, it will then remaining a fluctuating of the lowest pricing period for about 2 years. Meaning to say, the price will be started to going up again in the year 2021.

Feedback and suggestion:

If wanted to sell this house as to avoid loss of ROI, suggest confirming how much exactly the price drop is going to be (with another cast). Will also need to confirm is there any better house to fit for your luck. Or else, selling this house just to earn the price difference. It might be not a wise choice as it may ending up losing more than that.

obvious pricing declining until last year, even we are facing this virus pandemic at the moment, the estate market (in this question area) is although very quiet, but the market price still remains. Right till now, (in this area), it still not seen any sign of pricing declining.

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