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I Ching - Summer Camp (WWG #043)

Case Study 043: I Ching on summer camp safety

Mrs D's son is going to participate in a summer camp. Her son is in long-term illness, but a very light condition. She worries about her son and wants to know the safety before agreeing to do so.

Question: Is this summer camp safe?

Setting: self-Son; Object-Summer Camp; Betwixt-Friends; Day-Team leader


1. Self-line not getting hurt

➡️ A safe trip

2. Original and transform hexagram are both clash-hexagram. Self-line + Object-line + day branch three punishment

➡️ Overall experience (that lead under team leader) is not feeling well. Not really happy with this summer camp.

3. Betwixt-Hai-water is feeble (-8°) and gets restricted by object-tiger

➡️ There is someone in the camp will be getting hurt physically and having a lot of complaints. But not a very big problem (betwixt-line transformed into returning-generation)

4. Officer-line moving and turns returning-generation. Officer-line endless energy to generate object-line.

➡️ The rules and regulation set by the management unable to cope with the participants and the way a team leader should be leading. Conclude that an exhausting trip and doesn't produce any positive effect.

Feedback and suggestion:

On the summer camp, the sleeping place is not properly organised and making every person not sleep well. One person falls during the camp but not really serious. Everything keeps move on. After the summer camp, all of the students are complaining.

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