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I Ching - Real Estate (WWG #044)

Case Study 044: I Ching on estate investment

Mrs A's husband is looking to buy over a unit from an owner. Her husband is an estate agent that specialises at area XX and said this area, the housing price will definitely be increasing in the future. So he insist to buy this unit. But Mrs A tends to evaluate this with WWG.

Question: Is this unit profitable in the future?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Landlord Z; Asset-profit trend


1. Parent-Yin-wood generates to self-line, transformed into sibling-si-fire and conjunction with asset-shen.

➡️ Landlord Z very likely to sell this unit to your husband. However, this unit has no potential in the future.

2. Offspring-Xu transformed into retreat-spirit

➡️ the year 2018 onwards, the price will be started to drop. Expected at least 10 years of the period will be no profit.

3. day and month branch generates to asset-line

➡️ It only looks profit at the current time. But this is an illusion, not a real tendency.

4. Offspring-Xu-Earth clash with day branch

➡️ After 2018, very unlikely to get a potential buyer.

Feedback and suggestion:

This house is not good for investment. Too risky and worst is, difficult to re-sell within 10 years of period.

Mr A is not my client (Mrs A is my long-term client). So, her husband insist to buy over the house and in the end. Not making any profit and the house is unable to resell.

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