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I Ching - Pregnancy (WWG #048)

Case Study 048: How to use I Ching to check when to pregnant?

Question: When am I going to get pregnant?

Setting: self-Ms A; Object-Spouse; Offspring-pregnant


1. Offspring-Chen transformed into Sibling-Wu, Sibling-wu continuous turn into Asset-Shen

➡️ Suppose to be able to pregnant last month. But something happening on your spouse and thus not getting pregnant.

2. Transformed-line Sibling-Wu generates to self-line

➡️ 5 month later (Xu-month) will be able to get pregnant

3. Object-line empty and pulling-up conjunction with day.

➡️ Spouse is the key to this pregnancy. Means not really fit in contributes to this pregnancy.

4. Sibling-Wu move and allowing traffic flow

➡️ Spouse needs to look after his body condition, need to go for proper treatment on health in order to be getting succeed in pregnant.

Feedback and suggestion:

Xu-month pregnant successfully.

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