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I Ching - Labor paid dispute (WWG #049)

Case Study 049: How to use I Ching to solve your career problem?

Miss A has labor unrest with her employer, so she wants to ask if she can get a reasonable right if she does not go to work and sends a legal verified letter to terminate the contract The right here means that the company will open involuntary separation and giving severance pay.

Question: Will I get my labor right if I leave the job now?

Setting: self-Ms A; Object-Employer; Betwixt-Supervisor; Asset-Right


1. Betwixt-line moving and turns retreat-spirit

➡️ Must go back to work, will not be getting support from her supervisor. In the end, not a single "right" would be claimed as your wish.

2. Line 2 asset-Mao void, void at object-trigram. Betwixt line obstruct in the middle.

➡️ It means your employer will not give you a single cent from this dispute. In addition that not getting any support from your supervisor. This dispute will end up isolated.

3. Original hexagram as clash-hexagram.

➡️ As explained from the reason above, the ending for this dispute will be ending up a disappointment.

Feedback and suggestion:

The next day after this cast, Ms A's supervisor suggest her to stop doing do that. Her supervisor change from supportive to supportless. And her supervisor asked her to leave after this month end (left 4 days). So she knows she can't do anything but now think to complain this to fairwork ombudsmen. She wants to know if she did that, will she able to get the right?

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