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I Ching on Business deal (KW Oracle #006)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 006: Business deal

Mr A is a builder. He will need to meet up an estate developer for a proposal tomorrow. He wants to know how could he possible to secure this project.

Question: Would I able to secure the project tomorrow with my proposal?

Setting: Self- Mr A; Object - Estate developer


1. Self-restricted to object-line, both-line not getting associated.

➡️ Will not able to secure the job.

2. Object-line in an empty condition

➡️ This estate developer has not yet to confirm about launching this project.

3. Line sixth serpent with sibling-line moved and turns into retreat-spirit and generates to self-line

➡️ You will find something strange about this discussion (the whole event of this project). and will slowly thinking to push away this deal.

4. Line four of sibling is moving but turns into progression-spirit for this.

➡️ Any reader wanted to try this...??


Mr A working overtime to get this proposal done. However, he received a call in the morning to inform that this meeting will need to be rescheduled to next Monday. After that, they again rescheduled for a couple of times. In the end, they do not wish to proceed anymore.

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A.K Guru
A.K Guru
May 07, 2020

Hi Jose, Did not realize there is a replied comment here. Sorry for late reply. You don't see that so "novice" to me, especially in the West 😀. May I know where did you learn WWG from? Regarding your question, it involves analysing skills that only can be unlocked with a skill at level-4, the hidden-truth. It a skill from my professional class. The sibling that turns advance-spirit stay in the betwixt-line. get restricted by object-line and it is a valid dreadful-element to wealth. It indicates that querent is an outsider that still needs to understand how to play this game. It also indicates that a possibility in the future.


Jose C.
Jose C.
Apr 28, 2020

Dear Alfred, It is true that the two systems, Zhou Yi and WWG, can be in contradiction, other times they can be used at the same time as an "integrative system", at least to me my experience points to that and other people also use both systems separately or together. Regarding this part:

"4. Line four of sibling is moving but turns into progression-spirit for this."

It's actually the third line, Chou moves to Chen. I think it's another project in mind of one of the parties. As it is in the lower trigram which by rule refers to who ask (Self) would refer to Mr A. Comes with Azure Dragon, which seems to indicate something important of greater significance. This line…


A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Apr 23, 2020

Hi Jose, Normally our SOP for this kind of question is to understand the "would it be?", If yes, then we will inspect the "how to?". So, try not to look at as only a prediction. It is actually both. Probably you should also try to decipher the language with King Wen Oracle only. Usually, the answer between King Wen Oracle and I Ching text will be having some conflict. (I will find a day to explain this)


Jose C.
Jose C.
Apr 23, 2020

Dear Alfred,

Interesting case, thanks for sharing. This is one of those cases where the 4 brothers appear and it is very difficult to analyse, as there are many clashes and combos. The numerous clashes clearly indicate the dissenting points of view or intentions of the parties, the latent disagreement, as well as the branches that progress and regress. There is some confusion in the question asked of what Mr A really wanted to ask. First it says: "He wants to know how could he possible to secure this project". This implies that he is asking how to proceed (the How to) to secure the project. The yijing, from the point of view of the oracular text answers him with…

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