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I Ching on Business investment (KW Oracle #007)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 007: Business Joint Venture as New Investment

Mr A has been in the F&B supplying industry for some times. He is currently having an opportunity to expand his business to another related industry. This opportunity is a partnership and a new venture with Mr Z. Mr A wanted to know would this new venture making any profit.

Question: Would the new venture making any profit as being a partnership with Mr Z.

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object-Mr Z; Offspring- income source; Wealth- revenue; Sibling- Expenses


1. Self-holding a prosperous of sibling (+6°); Object-holding a strong parent as well. (+4°) Wealth-line is weaker than sibling-line

➡️ Will not be able to generate revenue.

2. Static Hexagram, self-sibling and object-parent.

➡️ It doesn't show how to make it profitable in this hexagram. The root problem is both investor and the operator (operator is Mr A)

3. Wealth-Mao hides under the Officer-Wu, Officer-Wu is having pulling-up conjunction with the month branch.

➡️ After suffering from the initial lost, will change the company strategy to focus on controlling operating cost. This direction has cut down the expenses, but it doesn't help much to the income.

Root Problem:

1. The sense (i.e. the skills and knowledge) for picking the correct items is not hitting the customers' needs. Apparently, the originate industry (wholesalers supply) and the new industry (retail) is having a different customers base. Although both industries selling similar goods. 2. The more you sales you trying to make, the more expenses you going to spend. Sometimes, we need to treat the related and similar industry as a new industry. Experience does matter, but it not the key in certain circumstance. 3. Not advice to go on even the operator changed to Mr Z.

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2 comentários

A.K Guru
A.K Guru
25 de abr. de 2020

Hi Jose, You picking it up pretty quick. Yes. You got it right


Jose C.
Jose C.
24 de abr. de 2020

Hi alfred, In this case what would be the "matter-element"? Would it be the offspring+wealth combo?

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