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I Ching on Unexplained Energy (KW Oracle #013)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 013: Physical health check

Mr A knee joint has affected his daily life. Through the diagnosis and treatment of many different Western medical, and yet to find out the problem. He then also visited the Chinese acupuncturist. His knee still sees nothing of improvement. And the pain is getting worse recently. He wants to know why those doctors unable to find out the problem. He wants to know which doctor he shall go for? According to many years of experiences for these questions. It seems like something unexplained is happening on him. Let's see what we have now.

Question: Which doctor shall I consult? What is my knee problem?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Officer-knee problem; Offspring-available doctor; Serpent-Unexplained energy


1. Offspring-line hides under officer-line. Offspring-holding Hai-water

➡️ This is not something able to be healed by the doctor.

2. Line four Officer is holding serpent.

➡️ It is definitely something unexplained energy happen on his knee.

3. Offspring-Hai is stronger than Officer-Wu

➡️ The problem can be solved, but not from any doctors.

4. Fifth line sibling is moving and turns into advance-spirit.

➡️ If this problem never solved, not only knee will be getting serious. It will lead to lung accident (blood/bleed). And this accident will be spending a lot of money.

5. Second-line Wealth-Mao turns into retreat-spirit

➡️ This is the place that caused the unexplained energy. It indicates nothing much can do from a Taoist. I told him should be fixed the problem at "XXX" (This line two in link with the offspring). Readers, please feel free to analyse.


This is something hurt real bad. Normally, people will think of hiring a Taoist in this kind of matters. But, in this hexagram, it has nothing much to do with a Taoist (Offspring-holding-serpent) Anyway, this has no exception to Mr A as he is in panic mode. Mr A asks should he hiring a Taoist that expert in dealing with unexplained energy once he understands the problem. Although from the hexagram, I don't see that it is something to do with a Taoist. Anyway, as this is something serious and may lead to big trouble (fifth line and second line). It needs to perform another cast to make sure the Taoist going to hire might be needed as well. (What you think or what you have seen from the hexagram may need to confirm in some circumstance)

Con't to next case study...


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