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I Ching on Relationship (KW Oracle #017)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 017: I Ching on Busines relationship

There is some misunderstanding between Ms A and Ms Z. Ms A wanted to see if there any possibility to fix this relationship.

Question: Would Ms Z get understand about the situation and get back our business?

Setting: Self-Ms A; Object-Ms Z;


1. Line Six Parent-Mao formed three-punishment with day-branch.

➡️ It is currently feeling uneasy with this bad relationship.

2. Line four offspring is in "returning-generation" and continuously transformed into wealth-line. Involve self-combination.

➡️ The problem arises from unintentional words. And this has broken the business relationship.

3. Wealth-line able to generates to officer-Hai. Object-line is pulling-up combination with month branch.

➡️ Misunderstanding will be resolved at the end. Suggest writing a deeply apologise for an email to Ms Z.


Need to make another cast to check if an email works.


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A.K Guru
A.K Guru
07 mai 2020

Very well analyses. Let’s see how is the next cast going to happening 👍

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