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I Ching on Marriage (KW Oracle #019)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 019: I Ching on Marriage and a possible affair

Mrs C tells that her marriage seems losing control. She wants to know what happens, is that her husband is having an affair?

Question: How is my relationship going to be with my husband this year?

Setting: Self-Mrs C; Object- Mr C; Tortoise-Affair

(Thanks Gmuli & Ogi for this customise WWG generator... system still under testing)


1. Static and clash-hexagram.

➡️ Generally, this marriage will be in an uneasy relationship. Arguments will be always happening.

2. Self-line is attached to BoH and on sixth-line

➡️ Comparing to Mr C, Mrs C is very aggressive in this matter.

3. Object-line is empty-officer on third-line

➡️ The reaction in maintaining this marriage from Mr C is not what Mrs C may be expecting. Mr C thought that he already doing all his duty as a husband.

4. Object-officer is getting restriction hiddenly from offspring line two and lien four. Self-sibling generates to offspring.

➡️ Currently, Mr C is having pressure from both sides. One is from the family (which is Mrs C) and another one is from someone else.

5. Line-two offspring holding tortoise restricted on object-officer

➡️ Mr C is having a woman (not yet having sexual intercourse) that possible is someone from his company.

6. Object-line is empty and self-line holding BoH-sibling.

➡️ Whenever Mrs C talk about family expenses (or money) to Mr C. The fight always start. Both attitudes toward money are different.

7. Self-line holding sibling-line as a dreadful-element of money. Self-line clash to object-line

➡️ Mr C always do not agree with the attitude of Mrs C regarding to money. This is

the reason that leading their marriage gets broken.

8. Line-two is conjunction with month branch. Bond to the offspring-line.

➡️ Currently, this woman is not the problem with this marriage. But sooner or later, (after month filled - about six month later). This woman will become Mr C mistress.

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