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I Ching on Reincarnation (KW Oracle #020)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 020: I Ching on Buddhist Six Realms

Below is the conversation between my client and me. Her pet that has been a long companion passed away and she wants to know the pet status.


22 June 2018.....

My phone has a message in... 📱

Ms. L:

Hello Good afternoon, my pet "XX" passed away at 10pm on May 13, 2018. It was a serious illness and a death after a lethal injection. I want to know that after "XX" passed away, where will he go on his next life? Thank you for your help, thank you.


Hello there, Not many people will cast with this kind of questions. Why would you want to cast for this?

Ms. L:

I just feel wanted to know, I didn’t think much about it. I have also paid for another person for this, but the result for the night of spirit returns* is not that accurate, not really ideal.

* night of soul returns 回魂夜 (huí hún yè), in Chinese belief, "回魂 - Huihun" refers to a few days after the death, the soul will return home to pay for the last visit (total of three times, first visit at day 7, second visit at day 49, and last visit at day 100). After the visit, the soul will go for a reincarnation. It is something like the "returning-soul hexagram".


Let me have a look, There are several possibilities for this, The first is to enter one of the six realms The second is that is still wandering

Ms L:



Please follow the instruction and cast with these steps.

(give instruction on how to cast)

A day later.....

Ms L:

Like this?


The first time is + + +?

Ms L:

No, the first time is - + -

From left to right,

From up to down

(see... when we ask a person who knows nothing about I Ching to cast, we need to confirm again with them how they cast. They always draw the first tip at the top line)


So the order is from up to bottom,

OK... I get it now. Talk soon.




Here is your hexagram...

The hexagram doesn't show any confirmation of reincarnation or wandering anywhere else... The current status is unknown...

Question: Where is XX now, where will he go after passed away?

Setting: Self-pet XX; Earthly-branches-six realm, Moving-line- realm to reincarnation

(Thanks Gmuli & Ogi for this customise WWG generator... system still under testing)


1. Second-line sibling-Yin turns advance-spirit and entering self-grave.

➡️ Wood-element as gods realm, pet XX being called by the gods realm.

2. Upper-trigram three-combo of officer-metal formation. Metal restricted to sibling-line. Self-line are sandwich in this three-combo

➡️ 2 possible answer, first "Metal" as bone, bone ash not yet buried. This causing pet XX not able to get into the gods realm. Second, "metal" is something else, blocking pet XX entering gods realm.

3. Self-line is holding a fake-void and tortoise. Six-line all-move hexagram

➡️ Pet XX feeling very insecure at the moment, he can't come back home to visit you and he can't go to the realm as well. He has nowhere to go at this moment. But don't worry, in this month, all of this insecure will fo away. (Wu-fire restricted to three-combo)

4. Second-line Yin-line entering self-grave

➡️ Died from the house, calling from 2 "woman", this "woman" is from the realm.

(Some part of the analysing skill need level 4 - hidden truth knowledge)


Ms L:

Wow... super accurate...

My pet is certainly not yet buried

It was Mother’s Day that day, and my husband insisted on taking me out to dinner. I didn’t know why, but I just felt something not right. I went back home to take a look at XX. At that time, XX was in a serious illness. Then we go out to have a meal, my friend has a sixth sense of cultivation, dreaming that the soul in my body told her and invite to go into the house. My friend has never been to my house, she describes exactly how my house looks like. She said she saw a girl looked at XX and smiled at him... Once we finished our meal and back home, XX is already in convulsions, the doctor said to give XX an injection My friend told me that these two girls are inviting my friend to come inside my house. And they (these two "woman") can't go near with XX. Not sure is this the blocking you are mentioning?

My View:

Do you see how wide it can predict with WWG? I personally don't know much anything about reincarnation nor six realms. Most of the reincarnation theory I have is what derived from BaZi system and my Taoist knowledge. But with my humble experiences with these kinds of questions (cast couple before) It seems like something about six realms does exist...

Maybe some concept of reincarnation still not complete or some may inaccurate,

but according to feedback from the querent, all the things that are able to verify is accurate. Well, I don't really know much about this.

Since all these realms are not able to verify (probably until our soul leave our body) Anyway, believe or not, is up to you.

It won't contribute anything from an argument. (if any readers like to start this) Let's keep collecting data and let the data speak the truth.

That's why I always said...

be an open attitude to anything... Things you never see doesn't mean it is not there...

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