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I Ching on Pet health (KW Oracle #021)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 021: I Ching to inspect health condition on a cat

Mr A has a very old cat, 18 years old. Recently is losing too much weight, send for a vet and everything is within the line. Vet only give him sedatives. Mr A wants to know would his cat get healed.

Question: Would my cat heal?

Setting: Self-cat; Officer-sickness; offspring-sedatives

(Thanks Gmuli & Ogi for this customise WWG generator... system still under testing)


1. Useful-element is the offspring-Zi on Line one (-8°), very weak

➡️ This is not a valid useful-element, sedatives won't help.

2. Wealth-Yin on line two become a valid source-element to officer-line. Self-line on line three holding parent and turns into FuYin.

➡️ Cat is now having depression, always groaning.

3. Wealth-Yin keeps repeating restrict to Parent-Chen. Self-line falls into day-break and month-break condition.

➡️ A bad health condition as physical keeps getting "restriction". Physically are currently atrocious. Not looking good at all.

4. Cast on Xu month, Officer holding Si-fire currently

➡️ Will need to look at next year Chen month as the time when officer-si is getting much prosperous. A danger stage.

Feedback and suggestion:

Mr A has 2 cats initially, one has already passed away and left this cat. After cat A passed away, this cat always looks depressed. Since the sedative given by vet is not useful and it is so old now. There is nothing much can do, but to only give more cares and give more companion to this cat. Be prepared for next year Chen month.

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