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I Ching on Travelling (KW Oracle #024)

Updated: May 23, 2020

Case Study 024: I Ching to see one's trip safety

Mr B going to Korea as a holiday trip. It is always a good idea to check the safety before anyone departs.

Question: Is Korea trip safe?

Setting: Self-Mr B; Object-Korea

(Thanks Gmuli & Ogi for this customise WWG generator... system still under testing)


1. Object-holding-Officer-Si at line six, moved and transformed into Xu-Earth, Xu-Earth clash self-line.

➡️ During the flight and during landed in Korea, something unhappy will happen.

2. Self-holding-Parent is hidden-moved and will combine with Sibling-You.

➡️ An overspend indication during this travelling. A very common situation during a holiday, nothing big deal about this, buy according to own needs.

3. Self-line is weak (-4°) and holding Chen-Earth.

➡️ Look after your own appetite and food hygiene. Bring some medicine especially for those that release stomach pain medicine.

4. Clash-hexagram on the transformed hexagram

➡️ Uneasy trip, a trip that killing your mood


Warm water spill from the baggage compartment. It is a passenger's warmer bottle not tight enough. (officer-Si-Fire 🤪) Is getting wet all the way from head to chest, it is a very bad beginning trip. There was a protest demonstration when arriving in Korea, many areas are not accessible. Keeps raining in these few day trips, decreasing the quality of this holiday.







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