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I Ching on Love Relationship (KW Oracle #025)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 025: I Ching to check a love relationship

Mr A and Ms C were maintaining a long-distance relationship, however, it ended up break up. Mr A still loves Ms C but he can't do anything since both are so far away from each other. Ms C has currently moved back and Mr A wants to know is there any chances to get back the dating.

Question: Is there any chances to get back this relationship?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object-Ms C

(Thanks Gmuli & Ogi for this customise WWG generator... system still under testing)


1. Static-hexagram

➡️ No one's going to take any action on this relationship.

2. Self and object-line both holding an opposite position.

➡️ Not a suitable partner to each other.

3. Line three sibling is empty, Hidden spirit able to fly out

➡️ Another woman is there for Mr A.

4. Self-Sibling is empty and generates to object-line.

➡️ Mr A still loves Ms C but has no idea how to take her back. Mr A can't think of anything now, that is why no action is taken (static hexagram)

5. Object-Mao holding tortoise combines with the month branch.

➡️ Ms C is now having a chemical reaction with another man, most probably already having sex. Therefore, Ms C won't be coming back anymore.

6. Three appearances of officer-line and one is in betwixt-line.

➡️ Ms C has too much man admire her.

Feedback and suggestion:

Don't ever think about it anymore, if keeps on and trying to get her back. Most probably will end up a big disaster (Officer is holding the blade and hurt to self-line)

In the end, Mr A found out that Ms C is in fact already having another man before they broke up. And this man is a very powerful man.

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