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I Ching - Career Development (KW Oracle #039)

Case Study 039: I Ching to evaluate career and business venture

Mr A current company has set up three new branches. So he was offered a "free share" given from his HQ. One of the new branches is in his home country, and another 2 company is in China. So, one of the T&C is that he has to go to China in order to take this benefit. Currently, Mr A still having many unclear T&C with this new share. Moreover, he is also worry that this new business might not be sustainable for a very long time. So, Mr A wants to know what will be happening if he accepts the offer. If the results are promising, then he will discuss further with his company.

Question: What if I work in company D?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Company D; ME-Asset (income) & Officer (career)


1. Self-holding offspring restricted to officer-line

➡️ Not a suitable position for you.

2. Self-holding offspring-line and generates to hidden-spirit that hides under self-line. Asset-line is too weak (-8°)

➡️ Will not be making a good profit from the share.

3. Asset-line is feeble (-8°), and officer-line are weak (-4°), sibling-line transformed into advance-spirit.

➡️ Overall, this company D will be finding difficult in the business.

4. Self-holding offspring restricted to officer-line, sibling-line transformed into advance-spirit.

➡️ Once you operate this new company, the company will be reaching it's bottleneck. Time be started on 2016 Autumn to the year 2017. At this is also the time Mr D will giving resignation letter.

Feedback and suggestion:

Suggest not to take this offer for now...

Leave this offer aside...

Continue evaluation for the rest 2 companies...

(Next case study...)

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