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I Ching - Dharma-door (WWG #042)

Case Study 042: I Ching to see the effectiveness of cultivating a dharma-door

Ms C is a believer in a religion, which has many dharma-door to cultivated. Ms C has recently joined a XX dharma-door. She wanted to know should her continuing this cultivation as in terms of overall fortune and health.

Question: How is this cultivation affect to my fortune and health?

Setting: self-Ms C; Object-Dharma; Moving-Cultivation progress


1. Self-hidden-parent restricted to self-line, Hidden-spirit-Parent-Mao has transformed out from a continuous generation

➡️ Feeling uneasy with this cultivation. The stress and perplex that hides inside the subconscious has been magnified and became aggressive, and this making Ms C feel harassment.

2. Offspring-line transformed into asset-line and continuously transformed into Parent-Mao

➡️ At this moment, you don't feel anything obvious with your fortune and your health yet. But sooner or later, fortune and health will be getting into a negative side.

3. Transformed-line of Parent-Mao holding Bird restricted to self-line.

➡️ After cultivating with this dharma-door, too much gossip and talking that is involved unintentionally. Leading to some unnecessary argument.

Feedback and suggestion:

It doesn't fit continuing with this cultivation. Advice to stop immediately. Or check is this cultivation needed to go on with some others "accessories".

Ms C giving feedback that she is getting all the symptom as hexagram shows. So decided to stop and wait for better timing.

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