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I Ching on Feng Shui (KW Oracle #010)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 010: Manipulating on Feng Shui

Let's me show you how we could use divination to verify the theory from Feng Shui. Ms A runs a private education centre. All her clients started to falling in sickness after a couple of stay at her premises. She was not sure what happened. She feels very annoying. Until one day, she met me and we were having a chat. Then I only realise her problem and She is asking me to feng-shuied her premises. (It has some other preliminary check before I pick up this case. Before we manipulated any Feng Shui (especially our school culture), we will do a preliminary check with King Wen Oracle - just like case #008. If we can solve the problem, then we will pick up the job. Will discuss more detail in the class)

Question: Which direction will need to manipulate its' Qi? (In regards to health)

Setting: Matter-element- Officer as sickness; Earthly branches- Direction


1. Object-line Wei-Earth transformed into Officer-Si. Officer-Si continuous transformed into Wealth-Mao.

➡️ This is the problem part. There is a Qi of 5 yellow in the direction of South-West. This Qi leads to a problem. And the problem will be getting much serious.

2. The fifth line also showing a Wei-Earth, but this time, it transformed into Sibling-Shen.

➡️ The mighty WWG is telling this is the solution. Sibling-Shen-Metal is the solution to the Wei-Earth.

Now, done for this part (Please don't get me wrong. No Feng Shui can be done with just one casting. Feng Shui is a project, not an individual question. If it can be done with just 1 cast, that is psychic.) Let me elaborate on the things from here. The South-West here is actually indicating the problem from a Qi, not a problem for physical items. (If you understand basic Feng Shui, you shall know that Feng Shui have Land-formed and Qi-formed, google it if you don't understand) So, I then only started to plot out the Qi calculation from the floor-plan to quickly verified is that a Qi problem over there?

South-West is at the location on top-right in the floor plan. There is a Five-yellow right at that position. 5 yellow is not good for health. Also, the formation of 5-7-9 is also bad for health. (This is not about Feng Shui article, so I'll skip the theory. If you are interested to learn more about Feng Shui. Let me know, I will make a series of Feng Shui videos and published free on YouTube). So, you see. What's happening in reality with the Feng Shui is reflecting from divination, Coincident? Or it just happened to be with the luck? (It is fine that you still sceptical on this individual case study, but please ask yourself this. What does it mean, when all of the divination cases is reflecting the Feng Shui theory?) That is why I always emphasize, Feng Shui can be verified through King Wen Oracle, and it is very powerful on this. Feng Shui and divination can be matching. To say that, if a problem really causing disaster in a Feng Shui perspective; then at the same time, the divination shall also reflecting this problem on the hexagram.

Now, regarding 5 yellow. Many practitioners say we can treat this problem with a thing called "Salt-water cure". (Google it if you don't know what it is. Or let me know if you need to understand how it works.) Now according to the hexagram, remember I said that the prescription for this is the "Sibling-Shen-Metal". The funny part here is, this "Sibling-line" is not the "salt-water cure". So what it is? Why the hexagram shows a prescript different than the Feng Shui master claim? (When you read here, and if you happened to be a Feng Shui master, please don't judge my statement too quick. I never say you are wrong. I only emphasis the work of Feng Shui will need to be verified by divination. No need to make any unnecessary argument, let the universe tell us the answer.)

I will reveal the answer in my next article. Stay tuned with me.

Now, it is absolutely fine if you don't understand how to analyse from the hexagram in this case study. Feng Shui with divination is actually an introductory part in my level-3 class. Therefore, it is very complicated in divination. Do not underestimate the power of King Wen Oracle, it can serve many more things that you can't ever be imagined. In our school, we use Feng shui as One of the remedy solutions. (King Wen Oracle can provide heaps of solutions, not just Feng Shui) That is why I always say, providing a solution is the most challenging part. Don't pursue only the accuracy as your ultimate objective.

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