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I Ching on Relationship (KW Oracle #005)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 005: Relationship

Ms A was introduced a man called Mr X by her bestie not long ago. Apparently, Mr X trying to make Ms A as his partner. Both have been trying to date for a couple of times and Ms A still doesn't feel like starting this romantic relationship. Since Mr X is introduced by her bestie, this makes Ms A a little awkward to refuse further. Furthermore, she would like to see if her own gonna miss out something good. So She wanted to know is Mr X a good choice?

Question: Should I take up this relationship with Mr X?

Setting: Self-self; Object-Mr X; Betwixt-Bestie; Moving as relationship progression


1. Object restricted to self, self generates own hidden-spirits and this hidden-spirits will be restricted to object line again.

➡️ Feel pressured when dating with Mr X. Soon, Ms A will show his unhappy face to Mr X. Not suggest keeping this relationship as it will end up intolerable.

2. Hidden-spirit advent and filled on this coming month

➡️ Next month, Ms A will be started to shows her annoying face to Mr X.

3. Self-line is empty and in hidden moving

➡️ You are currently losing your mind and not sure what to do. But this is only temporary. You will clear up your mind soon.

4. Line six of parent-line is transformed into a returning restriction. (share more secret tips here: this parent line is the same Yin-wood of object-line.)

➡️ Inside deeper of Ms A, she knows that she is very reluctant to have this relationship.

4. Betwixt-line not moving

➡️ Your bestie will not be having any hard feeling if you refuse this relationship and she will help you out.


Talk nicely about your situation and tell your bestie what you really need. And ask your friend to talk to Mr X.

(At the end, Ms A goes with suggestion and everything seems good)

Little notes not related to this topic:

Our school emphasis on hexagram setting. Very rare is having such practice. I will try to look up hexagram from other people and post it here. So that you could differentiate the difficulty between a hexagram with a setting and without a setting. That's come in the accuracy portion.

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