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I Ching Wen Wang Gua Generator

A customised version of Wen Wang Gua generator that made for is now completed and already live. You may visit this website to use the calculator.

The best part with this generator is it has included the line prosperity and the auxiliary stars for precise reading. It also shows hidden moving-line

Thanks to Gmuli and Ognyan for all of these.

Application notes: You can enter the day and month straight away on the four pillars. Click on the day and month (stems or branches) to select the day you need

For choosing the trigrams/hexagram that you need, you need mouse over to the trigrams and click to choose.

Click on the empty space in between original and transformed hexagram for any moving-line.

Watch the video to see how to use this calculator.

Let me know if you see any bugs and not sure how to use it.

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