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I Ching on My Own Name (KW Oracle #016)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 016: Naming for a newborn baby

Mrs A family is growing. She has couple of names for the baby but couldn't make up her mind which is the best. She wants to give her baby the best name ever that help to produce auspicious energy (or Qi). Let see which name is the best.

Question: How does "Name A" affect my baby in terms of wealth and health in his whole life?⁠

Setting: Self-Baby J; Object-name"A"; Matter-element; Self-Offspring-Wealth; offspring as lifestyle.


1. Object holding matter-element.

➡️ The name by itself is a good name, able to provide as a booster for his destiny.

2. Fifth-line transformed into offspring and continuous as returning-restriction on line four. Transformed-hexagram as clash-hexagram.

➡️ This is the part that dragging down the quality of this name. Lifestyle and health will be affected (on the negative side) by this name. Is an impact on a whole life.


This name is good on money side, it means help in making money. But it will spoil the lifestyle and health at the same time. Like many people out there, they do make a good earning. But unable to enjoy life. Since Mr A has a couple of names more to choose. Will not opt for this, go to the next cast.

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