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I Ching - Medical (WWG #046)

Case Study 046: I Ching on medical diagnose

Continue from the previous article, once found out a possible solution. We need to check again to see if it really going to work.

Question: Is this sanfutie able to heal my hay-fever?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Doctor X; Officer-hay fever


1. Parent-Mao turns Offspring-Chou and continuously transformed to Officer-Hai

➡️ The symptom will be reduced, but unable to keep effective for long run

2. Offspring-chou turns into officer-hai, object-line turns into officer-zi

➡️ Sanfutie only good at initial treatment. But in the end, your body has immunised this sanfutie and doctor x still keep giving you the same treatment.

3. Self-holding officer-line

➡️ Again getting the same info from the previous hexagram #45. You have to live along with this hay-fever.

4. offspring-line unable to completely removing officer-line

➡️ Shouldn't treat Sanfutie as a primary treatment, it only can help, not cured

5. self-holding officer-serpent.

➡️ Still getting same info saying that physical exercise and go with modern medicine.

Feedback and suggestion:

Go with Chinese and Western medicine together and do more workout.

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