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I Ching on Apologise (KW Oracle #018)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 018: I Ching on Retaining Business Relationship

From the case studies #17, suggest writing an apologies email. Cast again to see if it works.

Question: Is writing an email to Ms Z will resolve our misunderstanding?

Setting: Self-Ms A; Object-Ms Z; Officer-Misunderstand; Offspring-Resolve


1. Object-line generates self-line.

➡️ Basically, Ms Z wouldn't want this to happen. She would like to find out the reason.

2. Line six Offspring empty advent on month. Offspring transformed into retreat-spirit.

➡️ As long as Ms A sincerely apologise, it will retain back the previous relationship. However, Ms A knew it, but she just can't do it as she has no idea how to do it.

3. Line three Officer-Hai is empty and hide underneath sibling flying-spirit. Betwixt-line of offspring is hidden moving.

➡️ This misunderstanding is actually not that big, there is a friend able to help this out.


According to the outcome, It is confirmed that Ms A writing an apologies email does help. After the same time, should ask her friend to help resolve in this matter.


A month later, Ms X (the middle person) has arranged both of them to meet and their relationship back to previous.

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