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I Ching - Career Development (KW Oracle #040)

Case Study 040: I Ching to evaluate career and business venture

Continue from case #39, click the link to read the background of this cast

Question: What if I work in company E?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Company E; ME-Asset (income) & Officer (career)


1. Officer-line clash to self-line, the original hexagram is clash hexagram.

➡️ Not a suitable position, it needs time to adjust the internal structure, but still unable to make it something satisfying. A very pressure job compares to previous company D.

2. Asset-line (+8°) and officer-line (+4°) are the most prosperous between 3 choices. Offspring-Si-fire in void condition unable to restricted to the officer-line. Self-line entering day grave.

➡️ Among the three selection, this company E will be bringing the most income to Mr A. But Mr A can't handle the stress and will resign at the end.

3. Moving-line on line one (asset-line) flush away the clash-hexagram.

➡️ Mr A will try his best to make himself compromise with the job. But he will be also getting a health problem if keep working under such a situation.

Feedback and suggestion:

If Mr A must leave, This may be a better one compare to case #39, but still not a long-term job.

Leave this offer aside...

Continue evaluation for the last company...

(Next case study...)








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