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I Ching - Career Development (KW Oracle #041)

Case Study 041: I Ching to evaluate career and business venture

Continue from case #39 & #40, click the link to read the background of this cast.

Question: What if I work in company G?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Company G; ME-Asset (income) & Officer (career)


1.Self-holding officer-Mao very weak (-4°)

➡️ Unable to perform well. Job scoop not as expected

2. Self-Officer transformed into Sibling-Chen-Void, Sibling-Chen clash with object-line

➡️ Due to the different handling method, Mr A unable to cope with the culture and will not stay in this company for long.

3. Self-transformed-line clash with object, line five holding tiger-asset transformed into extinct

➡️ The company itself is already will be in a bottleneck situation, and this bottleneck unable to get solved.

4. Asset-line is very weak

➡️ The income is totally not as expected.

5. Self-line entering day-grave, self-line transformed into void-condition.

➡️ Mr A himself don't feel like going with this company.

Feedback and suggestion:

Nothing good is available. Have to plan for another job. If must select from three of this, #40 is the better one to go. But the thing here is, Mr A has to choose a suitable job, not choosing a job for the sake of getting a job. If Mr A is not facing any jobless problem, don't take any of these three.

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